Five for Friday - March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another week of Five for Friday!

We recently finished Bend 2 in our Opinion Book for Units of Study. Students have been writing opinion letters about their favorite books, favorite characters, opinions of characters, etc. At the end of Bend 2, students edited their letters using a checklist and published their final letter. This week during Morning Meeting Share, students shared their letter under the iPad (then projected) with the class. After each student shared, two students from the audience gave a compliment. They did an awesome job! I love seeing how much progress they've made with their writing since August.

I love basketball. I'm a huge basketball fan and my husband is also a college basketball coach. I decided to bring a little March Madness fun to my classroom in the form of story problems.  This story problem set includes 16 problems. Most of the problems are addition and subtraction, but there are a few multiplication and division.  This can be found in my TPT

Oh...editing...such a difficult concept for 2nd graders. While in my first entry post for Five for Friday I mentioned we edited their rough draft letters, we still struggle. So, I decided to have a Morning Meeting Activity and Message focused on editing. Students first answered the message writing down things to look for when editing. Then, students worked first individually and then with a group on editing a letter.  We'll keep practicing until we get it!

This week in reading we worked on the prefixes - re, pre, and bi. In small groups, I had students do the quick activity above. I gave them a word. They then underlined the base word and circled the prefix. Then, they wrote the definition and used the word in a sentence. Finally, they drew a sketch to go with their sentence. This was a quick activity, but provided practice on prefixes, which was the goal.

Oh our planners! Check out my blog post from this week on my Planner Challenge! It has greatly improved the kids writing and spelling in their daily planner entries. Check it

Basketball Bonanza Story Problems

With March Madness beginning today I have a new, fun product up and ready in my TPT Store. Since I'm a big basketball fan and my husband is a college basketball coach, I thought it'd be fun to create some math story problems centered around this tournament time of year! are....the Basketball Bonanza Story Problems.

This product includes 16 basketball themed story problems. The problems are mainly addition and subtraction, but there are few multiplication and division problems.

There are two recording sheet options. The basic recording sheet provides space for students to solve all 16 problems. The Pick 4 Recording Sheet has students pick 4 problems of their choosing to solve. They write the number in the square and then solve their problem in the box.

Check out the Basketball Bonanza Story Problems in my TPT store! They are ready to go for some March Madness fun in the classroom!

Basketball Bonanza Story Problems

Pack Up Tip - Planner Challenge

At my school, when students start second grade, they start using a planner to keep track of homework and due dates.  At the beginning of the year, they are always super excited for this because they feel like "big kids" with their planners. However, as the year wears on, the excitement wears off.  My class this year especially. Their planners have gone downhill - meaning unreadable writing, lots of misspellings, and lots of gross food stains. So this is where my idea for the Planner Challenge began....

Each day students copy down their homework and other important events into their planner from my homework board.

See the planner example below. This is an example of a messy planner. This child writes quickly and quite messy to wear it's hard to even read what she wrote.

So since many of the kids' planners looked like this, I created the Planner Challenge.  Each day I pick one child to win the planner challenge.  Their planner must be written neatly and easy to read. They must have spelled all of the words correctly (which they should be able to do since they are copying it down from the board). If they have done those things, then they are in the running for the planner challenge. I pick a winner at the end of each day and they get to pick out a piece of candy! Quick, easy reward and look at the results below....

This planner is the same planner as the messy planner example above. The planner challenge has motivated this student to slow down, write neatly, and take her time. You can actually read the items!

Funny how that little word "challenge" made writing nicely in your planners fun! Everyone wants to be a part of it and everyone is hopeful that every day they are being considered to be the Planner Challenge winner!

Five for Friday - March 10

Oh my goodness! I got hit with a cold/flu bug and boy did it do a number on me.  I missed Five for Friday last week because of it and have spent this week trying to get rid of it.  Anyone else in the sickness boat?? Anyways, enough of the pity me time, I'm back for another Five for Friday. We've been very busy this week so I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching to show you what we've been up to....

This is totally how this cold/sickness has felt! I got sneezed on last week by a student and I have many more coughing.  I can't seem to shake it this cold/flu!!  This stupid cough won't go away. Anyone else in the same boat???

We started learning about adjectives this week. I decided to use a bubble map from Thinking Maps to help us organize our adjectives. In the middle bubble, students wrote a noun. Then, around that they added more bubbles with adjectives that described that noun.  Great way to organize it and keep it simple.

We also started graphing this week. For our first day we did a review/re-introduction of basic bar graphs.  The graph above and many more can be found in my Graphing for 2nd Grade packet in my TPT

I absolutely love Kahoot! I've been using it every Thursday for a review of our weekly vocab and reading skills. I'm very lucky because students in my class are 1-to-1 with iPads. So, each student gets to play and participate. They literally cheered yesterday when I said we were doing a Kahoot! It's engaging and a great way to review content!

We're still working on our Map PBL unit. We had a little detour with International Week/a billion other things, so we've gotten a little behind. This week we learned about different landforms. Students recorded the definitions and drew a picture of the landform in their PBL packet.  My friend above is the most amazing artist! So talented and only in 2nd grade! His drawings were done quickly, but are beautiful!

Have a great weekend! My plans are rest, rest, and more rest! I'm hoping to be fully rid of this cold/sickness by Monday! Wish me luck!

Five for Friday - February 24

It was a super short week, but a busy one! We had Monday off for President's Day and on Tuesday we had no class, but Student-Led/Parent Teacher Conferences all day! So for a 3 day week it was a busy one! I'm linking up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.

My latest Grammar Fix It is now ready!  I just completed Grammar Fix It - Verb Tense Agreements.  My class has been working on verbs a lot and it was time for a formative assessment.  You can use Grammar Fix It as an around the room activity, scoot activity, or throw it in a station.  I decided to use it as a formative assessment.  I put each sentence on the board one at a time and the kids had to re-write the sentences correctly on their recording sheet. Then, I graded it using the little page below.  We use Standards Based Grading for writing so I have a rubric for each area.  Check out my new Grammar Fix

This week we started working on asking questions in reading. We talked about the importance of asking questions while you read and why good readers do it.  I got this lesson from Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller. Love that book!!!

All day Tuesday, I had Student-Led/Parent Teacher Conferences.  Check out  my blog post that I wrote all about

I love incorporating math games into our Morning Meeting activity. Yesterday we played the game I learned from CGI training called Race to Zero.  The goal is to be the first team to get to zero.  I broke the class into two teams.  Each team starts at the number 999 and has three dice they can use. Then, the team decides to roll one, two, or all three.  Whatever number they roll, they can make any number from it. For example, if they roll 612, they could make 612, 621, 216, 126, etc.... Part of this game is strategy and rolling the right number of dice depending on the size of your number and making the right number that will help you get to zero the quickest.  After they roll and create their number, then they subtract from the number they had left.  This game keeps going until someone or some team gets to zero! Great way to practice subtraction, place value, problem solving, and strategic thinking!

This week in math we continued to work on measuring area.  Yesterday I had students create a specific area to show them that there is more than one way to model most areas.  For example, 16 square units - could be 8x2, 2x8, 1x16, 2x16, 4x4....  I loved pulling out the square tiles for them to play around with. I think the concrete item helped some of them understand the concept of area better and how it is measuring the surface space.