End of the School Year - Tip #4

For the month of May, every Wednesday, I'm sharing quick End of the School Year tip...

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 How many of you have had parents ask for suggestions of things there kids can do over the summer so they don't forget or fall behind? I've had that countless times, which is why I created the Summer Resources Sheet below - which is End of the Year - Tip #4!

The Summer Resources sheet contains information, ideas, websites, activity books, etc for parents to use to help their kids stay on top of school stuff over summer break.  Every year I update it and make sure the websites fit things my students use in the classroom and then I email it out the last week of school. I've had many parents email me saying they appreciate the ideas and suggestions. This can be pretty quick to pull together and I use lots of ideas and websites that we already use - so it didn't take a lot of hunting and digging for new things! 

**I apologize for the blurriness of the screenshots below...

I also send home a list of book suggestions from Scholastic. As you can see, this is from 2009, however it still has great book suggestions and again gives parents and students ideas of things to work on over the summer.

Hope you found this tip helpful! Stay tuned for the last tip...next Wednesday!

Five for Friday - May 19

Man...oh...man... the end of school is always so crazy!  Anyone else feeling like they can barely keep up??? Even with all of the crazy, I'm still linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bug's Teaching for another Five for Friday...

Every year students complete a Think Like a Disciplinarian Project. This an ongoing project that takes the entire year. Students spend time researching their discipline (what it entails, tools, vocabulary, noted practitioners, interview someone in the field), write a report, and then share a presentation with the class. We started presentations this week and I've been blown away! The kids have all done an amazing job! Here are two to share - one student who did a poster about being a baseball player.  The other student studied being a chef and brought in her own recipe! Love the creativity!

We've been working on fractions this week. I love Amy Lemon's Fraction Fanatic packet on TPT. If you teach fractions and are in 2nd grade - this is a great resource! I also love these flip books from Lakeshore. Great practice of matching up the fraction, picture, and picture representation of the fraction in sets.

Our awesome headmaster gave us a nice treat this week! He had a Coffee Bean catering truck on campus Tuesday morning.  The entire staff was treated to yummy drinks and pastries!

Here's a quick formative assessment idea...one of our standards is students being able to identify 2D and 3D shapes and compare and contrast two 2D shapes.  We do have a paper assessment, but I also like to have the kids come back and test them one on one. I use the picture - they identify the two 2D figures. Then, they identify the two 3D models.  Last I have them compare and contrast the two figures on the page.  It's quick, simple and I like that I get to discuss it with them.  Paper assessments are great too, but I do enjoy the observational assessments too!

Last weekend, my husband and I checked out Top Golf Las Vegas! What a fun place! Lots of golf options, pools, concert venue - it has it all! Do you have a Top Golf near you?

Have a wonderful weekend! 8 days to go with kids!

End of the School Year - Tip #3

For the month of May, every Wednesday, I'm sharing quick End of the School Year tip...

For previous tips...

End of the School Year Tip #1

End of the School Year Tip #2

Today I'm sharing with you Tip #3.  Tip #3 is to plan fun activities/theme days the last week of school. I have done this practically every year I've taught (and maybe every year...my memory isn't as good these days :-)).  The last week can be hard. It can be hard to keep kids motivated and to keep behavior on track.  Having a special Theme Day every day gives kids something to look forward to and allows you and the class to make some more special memories together.

I'm going to throw it back to my post last year on Theme Days.  Check it out here....
I go over all of the details and even share a sneak peek of my Theme Days note that I send out to parents.

For extra specifics...
Read my post about Theme Day - Game Day.

Read my post about Theme Day - Reading Party.

Read my post about Theme Day - Pizza Party.

Happy last few weeks!

Multiplication Strategy - Teaching Tip

So as I have posted about many, many times - I love Cognitively Guided Instruction for Math. The emphasis of CGI is building conceptual knowledge and a solid foundation of math skills.

Anyways..I wanted to share quick tip for double and triple-digit multiplication by single-digit.  It's the break apart method.  (I do also use break apart for adding and subtracting).

For multiplication, students break apart the larger number (usually the 2-digit or 3-digit number).  Then, they multiply those numbers by the single-digit number.  Once they've multiplied each number they broke apart, they add up what they got and find their product.

For example, in 493, my student broke it into 400 + 90 + 3. Then, she multiplied 400 x 5 and got 2,000.  She multiplied 90 x 5 and got 450.  Last, she multiplied 3 x 15 and got 15. She added all those numbers together to come up with her product of 2,465.

This tip is helpful to students because they see where each number is and where it comes from.  Instead of the old method of stacking, where it gets confusing what the value is of the number, break apart allows students to clearly see what is the hundreds, tens, etc.

Just a quick math tip for today! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Five for Friday - May 12

I'm back for another Five for Friday over with Kacey at Doodle Bug's Teaching. This week was mainly filled with testing, testing, and more testing - but you can still see a little of what we were up to below.

As I said, testing, testing, and more testing. I'm at a private school so we don't do SBAC, but we still have our own standardized testing fun, which of course requires #2 pencils. Each day we have a different section of the test and the kids and I are both happy that we'll be done today!

We had our last field trip of the year on Tuesday. We went to the Springs Preserve (Las Vegas). The kids had a wonderful time. We were able to go into the butterfly habitat and it was so neat to see the butterflies up close. We even had some land on our kiddos! We also checked out the animals, flash flood exhibit, sustainability room, and more. They had a great time!

We love GoNoodle and we love dabbing! So this was the perfect video. This came at a great time too and we were able to get up and move after our first day of testing.  My favorites on GoNoodle are Blazer Fresh. Do you use GoNoodle at your school? What are your favorite videos?

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We went to see Carrot Top's show at the Luxor last weekend. He's so funny! We saw his show a

Have a great weekend! Only 14 more days for me until summer!

End of the School Year - Tip #2

For the month of May, every Wednesday, I'm sharing quick End of the School Year tip...

For previous tips...

End of the School Year Tip #1

Today I'm sharing with you Tip #2.  Tip #2 is to allow the students to help plan things in your classroom. We do Morning Meeting in my classroom every day.  Normally I plan out the four components for every meeting. In May, I like to have the students work together in groups to share some of their ideas for Morning Meeting. It might be some of their favorite greetings, share, activities, or messages or they can create their own. Then, when I sit down to plan, I pull ideas from their ideas. So it's kind of like they're helping plan Morning Meeting! It's always fun for them to see whose greeting or share we're doing...

See their idea sheets below...

Do you like to have the kids help plan class events? If so, write what you do in the comments section below...

Day #1 of TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale

Today is Day #1 of the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale. My entire store - Jordan Johnson - is 28% off with the code THANKYOU17.  Check out some of my book studies that are on sale below...

Surprises According to Humphrey - great for advanced second and third grade students and fourth grade.  Each chapter includes three comprehension questions. Answer Key included.

Surprises According to Humphrey - Book Study

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - We're working on this book study as a whole class right now. I use the Charlie Check-Ins as a formative assessment to see if students comprehended the chapters read the day before. Also includes writing prompts about the book.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Book Study

Ivy and Bean - I used this book study during literacy stations this year. I had partners working on it. They took turns reading and then would answer the questions together.  

Ivy + Bean - Book Study

Happy Shopping!

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Grammar Fix It Bundle - Provides practice with capitals, end marks, apostrophes, commas, verb tense agreement, quotation marks, and spelling high frequency words.  6 products make up this one mega-bundle!

Grammar Fix It -  BUNDLE

Nate the Great Bundle - Includes two Nate the Great Book Studies (Nate the Great Goes Undercover and Nate the Great and The Lost List). Perfect for small group book studies.

Nate the Great Book Study BUNDLE

Graphing Galore Bundle - Includes 3 of my popular graphing products - Graphing in 2nd Grade, Learning About Line Plots, and Create Your Own Graph Project. Perfect for covering the 2nd Grade Data Analysis standards!

Graphing Galore BUNDLE

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Comma Practice

We recently covered commas in my class. I've always found commas kind of a boring thing to teach so I tried to spice it up a bit this year. I've also always found that they confuse kids. When you use them? When you don't? When you need more than one? And so on..

So here's what I did this year...

We started out by watching a Brainpop Jr on Commas that went over the basics. Then, we created the anchor chart below together. I decided to focus on using commas in a list, to separate two adjectives, separate city and state, and using commas in a date. I feel like these four were age-appropriate for second grade and ones they'd be able to understand. When creating the chart, I had the kids help me. I wrote the topic and they came up with the sentences. This sparked great conversation because if someone didn't use the commas correctly we could discuss why.

After creating our chart, we read the book below - When Comma Came to Town. This is a cute book and explores commas in a silly way. I highly recommend Grammar Tales - they have books on many different grammar topics.

Then, we practiced in small groups. We used my comma practice for separating words in a list from my Grammar Fix It - Commas product in my TPT store.  Students have to fix the errors in the sentence and re-write the sentence correctly on their recording sheet (included in the product). In this one, students had to fix the capitals, end marks, and comma errors.

Then, later in the week we worked on Grammar Fix It - Commas whole group.  This time I projected the sentence onto the board and students had to fix the errors and re-write the sentence correctly on their white board.  They were looking for comma, capital, and end mark errors.  After the students finished writing their sentence on their individual white board, we corrected the sentence together on the board.

My Grammar Fix-It Commas Practice includes:
  • Commas separating a list of words
  • Commas separating city and state
  • Commas separating information in a date
  • Commas used with introductory phrases
  • Commas used with compound sentences
The packet also includes practice with all of those types and capitals, end marks, and apostrophes.

Check it out...here... in my TPT Store!