Writing Station Task Cards

Here are my Writing Station Task Cards.  Writing Station is one of the last stations I introduce.  Since we are still working on learning about letters, lists, etc -I tend to introduce this station later in September.

For making lists, I have a variety of notepads different shapes, sizes, and designs for the kiddos to make lists on.

For card making, I provide construction paper and stationary if kids want to make their own cards. I also put in cheap card packs from the dollar bin that kids can write in.


  1. I really like your math & writing tasks cards! The photographs will be really helpful to my kinders when they are trying to remember what the finished product is to look like. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. Thanks Monica! I find the photos make it so much easier for those beginning readers to remember what to do. I'm so glad the ideas will help with your kinders. Thanks for your positive comment!